Victoria's Secret Love is Heavenly EDP 50ml


Victoria's Secret Love is Heavenly EDP 50ml

Talpa 50ml. EDP

Pagaminta JAV


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LOVE IS HEAVENLY by Victoria’s Secret is a women's "Eau de Parfum" belonging to the Floral Fruity family. Like all the perfumes of the brand, for its creation the brand takes inspiration from its impressive lingerie fashion shows, and this time, it conquers us because of its exotic and sweet aura.

This fragrance, launched in 2016, is aimed at a young audience, girls who love fashion and trends, who are looking for a perfume with which to create their own identity and shine in the crowd. An aroma created with notes such as black raspberry, kiwi, freesia, orchid, peony, musk, mahogany and sandalwood.

An indispensable item on the dressing table of all 21st century 'angels'.

Its stele makes it a perfect fragrance for day and night, whatever the season.

We must also make special mention of its bottle, carved from glass and adorned with a sikly bow, it lets us see a glimpse of its pink essence, a real gem.


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